State Poet Laureate

In 1985, Connecticut established a state poet laureate position, which is currently held by Antoinette Brim-Bell, who was appointed to a three-year term in 2022. Brim-Bell's most recent book is These Women You Gave Me (Indolent Books, 2017).

City and County Poets Laureate 


In 2022, Richard Magee was appointed the poet laureate of Bethel. 


Frederick-Douglass Knowles II was named poet laureate of Hartford, Connecticut in 2018. Knowles will serve a three-year term.


In 2019, David Leff was named poet laureate of Canton, Connecticut. Leff will serve a four-year term.

New Haven 

In 2024, Sharmont “Influence” Little was appointed the first poet laureate of New Haven. 


In 2023, Ira Joe Fisher was appointed poet laureate of Ridgefield. 


In 2023, Caitlin Chatterton was named poet laureate of Vernon, Connecticut. 


In 2022, Jessica Noyes McEntee was named poet laureate of Westport, Connecticut. McEntee will serve a two-year term.


In 2021, Sandy Carlson was named poet laureate of Woodbury, Connecticut. Carlson will serve a three-year term.