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    Audre Lorde, Courtesy W. W. Norton

    Dismantling Rage: On Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsider

    Years ago, when I was a young Black woman barely recognizable to myself because of the churn of heat...
    Edna St. Vincent Millay

    “Renascence”: Edna St. Vincent Millay Today

    “We think back through our mothers,” as Virginia Woolf famously said. I think Edna St. Vincent...
    Walt Whitman

    Poetry & Democracy: Khaled Mattawa on Whitman's Democratic Vistas

    In his essay Democratic Vistas (1871) Walt Whitman writes, “Democracy... is a great...

    Richard Blanco

    Richard Blanco on His Poem "Mother Country" and His Work Today

    Excerpted from How to Love a Country: Poems (Beacon Press, 2019).


    Assuming the Mask: Persona and Identity in Ai’s Poetry

    On the fortieth anniversary of the publication of Ai's poetry collection, Killing...

    Mónica de la Torre

    Emerging Poet: On Mónica de la Torre

    No one I know writes like Mónica de la Torre. Many...

    Solmaz Sharif, Photo credit: Arash Saedinia

    Eileen Myles and Solmaz Sharif: A Conversation Across Generations

    Eileen Myles moved from Boston to New York City to become a poet in 1974. Since then, she has...

    Matthew Zapruder

    Late Humanism

    So much of what makes art interesting and human are its particulars. Everyone comes from somewhere,...