American Poets, Vol. 59, Fall–Winter 2020

Poets Write the Way Forward
By Jennifer Benka

Introducing the 2020 Academy of American Poets Laureate Fellows

Summer Series Guest Editors on Poem-a-Day

‘Wild Horses’ and Re-Imagining History
by Paisley Rekdal
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The Great Contamination, or the Ethics of Writing in Persona
by Roger Reeves
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Shelter in Poems: Patricia Smith’s “Practice Standing Unleashed and Clean”
by Sasha Pimentel
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From the Academy 
Shelter in Poems

Books Noted Live
Readings and conversations with Honorée Fannone Jeffers, Tyree Daye, Pamela Sneed, Aditi Machado, Taylor Johnson, Yona Harvey, Joshua Bennett, and Kazim Ali. 

Born Frees
by Pamela Sneed

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Featured Fall Books

Cover image
Xandria Phillips
The Colors Won't Ehxaust Themselves, 2020

Gouache on canvas
20.32x25.4 cm (8x10 in.)

Copyright © Xandria Phillips. Image courtesy of the artist.

In wanting to tell stories without faces or names, I began to paint. The Colors Won’t Exhaust Themselves is a work that speaks to my relationship with color, body, and anxiety. Each color exists in the painting because another summoned it.

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