Happy National Poetry Month!
by Jennifer Benka

Introducing the 2020 Walt Whitman Award Winner

Announcing the Treehouse Climate Action Poem Prize Winner

The Art of Poetry
The winner of the 2020 National Poetry Month Poster Contest for Students

Introducing Two New Chancellors

On #Joy and a Poetics of Resistance
by Ruth Ellen Kocher
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Terrance Hayes on Wanda Coleman
by Terrance Hayes
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Selected poems from new books by Rick Barot, Leila Chatti, Nikky Finney, francine j. harris, Jane Kenyon, Alice Notley, Kiki Petrosino, and Srikanth Reddy.

Books Noted
by Stephanie Burt

“women’s voting rights at one hundred (but who’s counting?)”
by Evie Shockley

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National Poetry Month New Books List 

Cover image
Joni Mitchell
Hunter, circa 1969

Watercolor and ink on paper

From “Morning Glory on the Vine: Early Songs and Drawings” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019). Copyright © Joni Mitchell. Reprinted with the permission of the author and publisher.

In the wake of the release of her iconic album Blue in 1971, Grammy-winning musician Joni Mitchell assembled a handmade book, which she distributed as The Christmas Book. In her original accompanying letter, she wrote:

“This collection of poems
And songs
And drawings
Is for myself
And for my friends and loves
Who are this book.”

The book remained private until last year, when it was released as Morning Glory on the Vine. In her foreword, dated May 2019, Mitchell writes, “Work is meant to be seen, or heard, as the case may be. It’s always exciting to launch your work into the world.”

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