Dear Poet 2022

Engage directly with award-winning poets as part of National Poetry Month.

Every National Poetry Month we present Dear Poet, a multimedia education project that invites young people in grades five through twelve to write letters in response to poems written and read by award-winning poets, including poets who serve on the Academy of American Poets Board of Chancellors and who have received our Academy of American Poets Laureate Fellowships.

The submission period for Dear Poet 2022 is closed.

Download or print the Dear Poet Certificate of Completion.

Dear Poet Letter to Ellen Bass

Letters from Dear Poet 2021

In a letter addressed to a student, Chancellor Ellen Bass writes,“What you say is so true: “everything matters, no matter how small any act of kindness is.” I believe this too. And I’m trying to practice it in my life, though I fall short often. But I think the intention is key. Remembering that that’s what I want to do.”

Read letters from the 2021 Dear Poet project alongside responses from Angelo Geter, Brenda Hillman, Rodney Gomez, Marilyn Chin, Forrest Gander, and more.