When can I expect to hear if my letter was chosen?

You can expect to hear back from us about six to eight weeks after the submission deadline of May 1.

How many letters do you select to be published?

We select ten letters for each of our 26 participating poets, for a total of 260 selected letters. 

How do you choose letters?

Our team of readers selects letters that we think best facilitate conversation between students and poets. There is no specific formula and we aren’t necessarily looking for the “best written” letters, rather, we aim to showcase letters that engage with the poems in any meaningful way. We are committed to showcasing a wide range of voices, selecting letters from all age groups and from as many different backgrounds as possible.

Am I guaranteed a response?

Unfortunately, given the number of letters we receive, it isn’t possible for poets to respond to every letter. However, all students can expect a general response from the poet to whom they wrote, as well as a certificate from the Academy.

Will my letter definitely be read?

Yes. We have a team of dedicated readers and take pride in reading every single letter sent to us in its entirety.

I am a senior in high school. How will I hear back after my graduation?

If your school email address will expire after graduation, please provide us with an alternative email address where we can contact you in the summer.