Photo by Star Black
POETS OF OUR TIME: Free Downloadable CD


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Click the above icon to download the Free CD bundle, including 14 individual audio tracks and printable front and back covers (in PDF format).

The first of a series of public events, this sold out Poets Forum Reading on October 18, 2007, provided the rare opportunity to hear some of the most acclaimed poets of our day, reading together on one stage. Featuring the Chancellors of the Academy of American Poets, the reading celebrated the range of outstanding poetry being written in America.

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1. Introduction – Tree Swenson
2. The Old Man at the Wheel – Frank Bidart
3. Reunion 2005 – Rita Dove
4. First Things at the Last Minute – Robert Hass
5. The Future – Lyn Hejinian
6. Neverland – Galway Kinnell
7. Merrsey Dotes – Sharon Olds
8. Cloud Country – Carl Phillips
9. Poem in Disconnected Parts – Robert Pinsky
10. The Edges of Time – Kay Ryan
11. The Last Colony – Susan Stewart
12. Death by Wind – Gerald Stern
13. Father's Day – James Tate
14. The Hive – Ellen Bryant Voigt