from New English Canaan [New Canaans Genivs: Epilogvs]

Thou that art by Fates degree,
Or Providence, ordain’d to see
Natures wonder, her rich store
Ne’-r discovered before,
Th’ admired Lake of Erocoise
And fertile Borders, now rejoyce.
See what multitudes of fish
Shee presents to fitt thy dish.
If rich furres thou dost adore,
And of Beaver Fleeces store,
See the Lake where they abound,
And what pleasures els are found.
There chast Leda, free from fire,
Does enjoy her hearts desire;
Mongst the flowry bancks at ease
Live the sporting Najades,
Bigg lim’d Druides, whose browes
Bewtified with greenebowes.
See the Nimphes, how they doe make
Fine Meanders from the Lake,
Twining in and out, as they
Through the pleasant groves make way,
Weaving by the shady trees
Curious Anastomases,
Where the harmeles Turtles breede,
And such usefull Beasts doe feede
As no Traveller can tell
Els where how to paralell.
Colcos golden Fleece reject;
This deserveth best respect.
In sweete Peans let thy voyce,
Sing the praise of Erocoise,
Peans to advaunce her name,
New Canaans everlasting fame.

This poem is in the public domain.