from New English Canaan [The Songe]

Drink and be merry, merry, merry boyes;
Let all your delight be in the Hymens ioyes;
Iô to Hymen, now the day is come,
About the merry Maypole take Roome.
    Make greene garlons, bring bottles out
    And fill sweet Nectar freely about.
    Uncover thy head and feare no harme
    For hers good liquor to keepe it warme.
Then drinke and be merry, &c.
Iô to Hymen, &c.
    Nectar is a thing assign’d
    By the Deities owne minde
    To cure the hart opprest with greife,
    And of good liquors is the cheife.
Then drinke, &c.
Iô to Hymen, &c.
    Give to the Mellancolly man
    A cup or two of ’t now and than;
    This physick’ will soone revive his bloud,
    And make him be of a merrier moode.
Then drinke, &c.
Iô to Hymen, &c.
    Give to the Nymphe thats free from scorne
    No Irish stuff nor Scotch over worne.
    Lasses in beaver coast come away,
    Yee shall be welcome to us night and day.
To drinke and be merry &c.
Jô to Hymen, &c.

This poem is in the public domain.