The following poems in Spanish and English are appropriate for young people.

lesson plans with poems in spanish and english

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Un mujer duerme en una isla/A Woman Sleeps on an Island” by Marjorie Agosín
Despedida/Farewell” by Francisca Aguirre
John Correia, mi maestro de química/John Correia, My College Chemistry Teacher” by Jorge H. Aigla

Tardes/ Afternoons” by Jorge H. Aigla
En un barrio de Los Ángeles/In a Neighborhood in Los Angeles” by Francisco X. Alarcón

Naturaleza criminal/ Natural Criminal” by Francisco X. Alarcón

Translation for Mamá” by Richard Blanco

Como Tú/Like You” by Roque Dalton

Todos volvemos al lugar donde nacimos/We All Return to the Place Where We Were Born” by Oscar Gonzales

Arbolé, arbolé/Tree, tree” by Federico García Lorca

Elegía al cisne/Swan’s Elegy” by Jaime Manrique
Imágenes/Images” by Jaime Manrique

Cantos a Berenice, II/Songs to Berenice, II” by Olga Orozco

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