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Will Schutt

Will Schutt is the author of Westerly (Yale University Press, 2013) and translator, most recently, of My Life, I Lapped It Up: Selected Poems of Edoardo Sanguineti (Oberlin College Press, 2018). His other translations from the Italian include Fabio Genovesi’s novel The Breaking of a Wave (Europa Editions, 2017), which was shortlisted for the 2018 ALTA Italian Prose in Translation Award. He also received the 2019 Raiziss/de Palchi Fellowship for his translation of the work of Italian poet Fabio Pusterla. Judge Michael Palma writes:

“Fabio Pusterla, born in 1957 in Switzerland, resident in northern Italy, a citizen of both nations, is the author of many volumes of poetry that range widely over childhood reminiscences, landscapes of mountains and fogs, compassion for the downtrodden and reviled, and much else. What he writes of the Alpine peak Uertsch, that perhaps its ‘secret...lies in its capacity to contain many things at once, water and stone, beauty and terror,’ might also be applied to his work. Will Schutt, an award-winning poet and the acclaimed translator of Edoardo Sanguineti, has devoted his own considerable skills to fashioning versions of Pusterla that precisely reflect their originals while becoming true and satisfying English-language poems.”

Schutt lives in Baltimore and co-curates Policromia, an annual international festival of poetry and translation in Siena, Italy.

Will Shutt