What you make on Orion
              I leave to you

       What you take from Orion
               I take to you

                                                    Far far away where the swans fly to when we
 are having winter, lived a King who had eleven sons and one daughter
                             Hans Christian Andersen


                      in the greening time

there was once

           there was a 

      because we didn’t

                           Turn on the light

There was trespass

            We didn’t

Unadorned             Side is his wife

         Bellatrix are the shoulder stars

                    Drape the mantle of the remarkable nebula
Take first


is effect


              once  mishap misshape

But let us not talk in the language of evidence

sleep deprivation           vigilance         the screen and the Styrofoam king

             of airspace  

                                         renames the sky

documentary to which all words refer

          escapes us          near or newer air

From Aerodrome Orion by Susan Gevirtz. Copyright © 2008 by Susan Gevirtz. Used by permission of Kelsey Street Press. All rights reserved.