María Rosario Clearest of Nights

How to make-up with yourself
after each self break-up?
how to cuddle under a broken wing
the girl of you?
or how to explain
that deep inside the sea
sister wind tries on her dress?
snails leave their homes
when no one is looking
and birds sometimes are afraid to fly
who is going to tell you about
what you only know?
whose fool will tell spider
to spin less?
it turns out that it is possible
to mend the crevices inside yourself
without silk threads and silver spoons
it is possible to tell the truth
and not burn in hell
to win wars without shooting a rifle
and without a rifle to write a poem

From Killing Marias (Two Sylvias Press, 2017) Copyright © 2017 by Claudia Castro Luna. Used with permission of the author.