Ivory Black [BLACK breathing BLACK at the window]

BLACK breathing BLACK at the window
The interior eye     Opposite watching's touch
In what is black white
Is by accident      The eye detaches
As it slips from itself
What is black       Like sky

In its scream        Glassed
Spins           In a straight line
Draws along     In a spiral

     Isn't it your dream to be visible?
A luster spins      Atop another
Grows           In buds
The change of season comes
In clarities                Lifts
Airborne                High and low
Like the light      In our touch
           The dark light that skies in whites
And in prayer the refrain repeats
Between nude walls                  Hangs
Window against the emanation:       Open

From Negro marfil / Ivory Black by Myriam Moscona. Copyright © 2011 by Jen Hofer. Published by Les Figues Press. Reprinted with permission of the translator.