Ivory Black [Dissolves]

In ancient liquids        The black in shimmers

The harp like architecture its strings over unexpected rain
from echo to echo they draw their roughness they stop
If only I could            Seek within lack


     small incisions in the body like a drug they enter
let slip the poison they salivate they seek a place
dream cavity: I am inside it


They graze the air the harp strings
And carry them toward you
They stretch out along the waves   Sustain us
The sluices now open
Crackle in this refraction
Movement toward the stain


What is black breathes black at the window
                                 Where do I listen?
The harp broadcasts
Runaway sensations                 Without roots


Shades of night blue
Between the two of us:         Explode

From Negro marfil / Ivory Black by Myriam Moscona. Copyright © 2011 by Jen Hofer. Published by Les Figues Press. Reprinted with permission of the translator.