Inward Branding Mechanism 2: Lonesome Sabotage

Goodness is better than evil	
Becuz it is nicer. I detest your

                                                     Holding me so high in the air
                                                     While I cry fat tears pre-bath
       Tap for more tweets, munch
       In the preserved meatlight

                                                     Ballads without preservations
                                                     Tidy outcome emblems

Hitching baggage to be verbs
Cartoon butchery, vulgar

                                                     Phrasings, crosswalk-like 
                                                     Pauses, so we don’t get hit

       No that’s all duration disease
       Bespitting florigins. I can see

                                                     Lateness blueing the ave B light
                                                     In advance of what gets called

Spring. Go talk about some
Paintings you can’t figure out

                                                     Shouldn’t have thought about 
                                                     You. Though you were individual

       Game tickets on sale. Moatful
       Pre-listserv, hesitant in light of

                                                     The pickoff portents & mean
                                                     Like me. A simile for meanness

On the gravy train till doomsday
A monument to perseverance

From Something for Everybody. Copyright © 2018 by Anselm Berrigan. Used with the permission of Wave Books.