Mocking model on table helps

Hate my exploding (again) pen

She insists upon ignoring from

Her cover the iffy chromatics

Of the Curie hospital's petit

Waiting room, little squares

Of color posting up hyper-bored

On passing surfaces, they surface

To pass me, I like to tell myself

Waiting for Mom to finish up

Some surgery, why the locked

Closet given one narrow door

Of dour burgundy & one drab

Pink companion of Hardyish

Width? A standoff of chairs ignores

The question, I'm a know-nothing

Volunteer, unable to receive the

Latest round of passwords: type

Havok101 to access Curie wifi

Ohwystan to retract claws, winspear-

Ranch to retrieve half chicken in

Future dressing from timewich

Likes resisting clouds by naming

The fantasy of café life its own

Stumbling paperwork a floating head

Thing thinks on way out to exercise

A fear of ordering, "it" now as always

A demonstration against competence

From Something for Everybody. Copyright © 2018 by Anselm Berrigan. Used with the permission of Wave Books.