Her Last Farewell

O welcome death! I’m glad you’ve come
       ’Twill serve my purpose true:
Just cut eternity’s veil in twain
        And let my soul pass through, 
And away from Earth’s dismal scene
        And the merry making crowd, 
The giddy whirl of the banquet hall,
        To home beyond the cloud—
Ah! then, dear mother, weep no more, 
       But strive to meet me there: 
The space is small twixt life and death, 
      Fill it well with prayer—
So now, O, death, let fall thy sword, 
      ’Tis but a kiss of love
Much welcomed by the eager soul, 
    Waiting to flit above. 
Farewell to earth! Farewell to friends. 
     To maiden young and gay, 
Think well on how you spend your life, 
    For death will come one day. 

From Jessamine (Self published, 1900) by James Thomas Franklin. Copyright © 1900 by James Thomas Franklin. This poem is in the public domain.