Experts at Veneers

“In Montana, claws skim through the dawn,
herders just saddle up, yes that’s it!
But then, they gulp hiccough pills in the highschools,
not to skip one ambiance in the tunnel of fun!”


That symbiosis in the garden says to adventure.
The jelly on the daffodil will mildew by July,
and the orange result if the birds come by
will suffice as our capitol, won’t it?
       And I was there, and I was there.


Here we are, in what seems to be an aerial predicament.
The Government certainly looks handsome in the mackerel sky,
awaiting wind fungus, beribboned in its way, goodbye.
Blackamoor stump, how luminous you’ll be.
       And I was there, and I was there.

Poems by Kenward Elmslie are used by permission of The Estate of Kenward Elmslie.