Epitaph in a Church-Yard in Charleston, South Carolina

                 GEORGE  AUGUSTUS  CLOUGH
                  A NATIVE OF LIVERPOOL,
                      NOV'R 5th 1843
                          AGED 22

He died of "Stranger's Fever" when his youth 
Had scarcely melted into manhood, so 
The chiselled legend runs; a brother's woe 
Laid bare for epitaph. The savage ruth 
Of a sunny, bright, but alien land, uncouth 
With cruel caressing dealt a mortal blow, 
And by this summer sea where flowers grow 
In tropic splendor, witness to the truth 
Of ineradicable race he lies. 
The law of duty urged that he should roam, 
Should sail from fog and chilly airs to skies 
Clear with deceitful welcome. He had come 
With proud resolve, but still his lonely eyes 
Ached with fatigue at never seeing home. 

This poem is in the public domain.