Each H (II)

We are for the park, as we are for
enjoying its proximity to how
enjoying it for itself, as a park, is our

sign we are clearly thinking. On a tangent
as often as of two minds, but
then, perhaps, also another, and yet,

like pillows, I always feel I would be
more, if I could have more, which
makes me ask what gives us

over to giving ourselves, don’t end.
Don’t structure. If structure
is over, we could have had it

done. Like the seriousness become
a better secret as a secret
will gain more for it going on. From it

we would become strangers better
exchanging quarters in
the station, or elevator home to

my interaction with a mother asking her
child a question I happily
answered. We are so happy to know

something. We forget our place. How
winning has more
feeling. Then we count the ways.

From Like a Sea (University of Iowa, 2010). Copyright © 2010 by Samuel Amadon. Used with the permission of the author.