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Xandria Phillips

Xandria Phillips is the author of Hull (Nightboat Books, 2019). They are the 2019/2020 First Wave Poetry Fellow at the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing and live in Madison, Wisconsin.

By This Poet


No One Speaks of How Tendrils Feed on the Fruits

                                                no one speaks of how tendrils feed on the fruits

                        of my demise     these dead hands                  for instance     that alight                phlox

wild strawberry                 and pine             this is my body out of context       rotting in the                wrong hemisphere         

   I died                     so all my enemies would tremble at my murmur                  how it                      populates their homes     

                              so I could say to the nearest fellow dead person        I know more than

      all my living  foes                  I’ve derived sun-fed  design                             for once                             from

                    closing my oak eyes                           now they’ll never snare the civilian

                                                                     pullulating my throat