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Wendy Trevino

Wendy Trevino is the author of Cruel Fiction (Commune Editions, 2018). She hails from the Rio Grande Valley and works as a grant writer in San Francisco, California, where she lives.

By This Poet


from “Popular Culture & Cruel Work”

			             For Chinga La Migra

If a woman illegally crossing
The U.S.-Mexico border can sing
The Border Patrol agent’s favorite
Selena song, will he still detain her?
What if he does & later writes about
Her in the patrol vehicle’s back seat
Singing his favorite Selena song?
Will the Selena fans who read his book
Like it? What if that scene in Reservoir
Dogs where Mr. Blonde tortures a cop had
Been choreographed to "Bidi Bidi
Bom Bom," instead of "Stuck in the Middle
With You?" Would the Border Patrol agent
Be more or less likely to like that scene?