Patrizio Ceccagnoli

Patrizio Ceccagnoli is a literary critic and translator. He received his BA in classics in Perugia, Italy, and a PhD in Italian studies from Columbia University. 

Ceccagnoli co-translated Antonella Anedda’s Historiae (NYRB, 2023) with Susan Stewart, for which they won the 2024 Harold Morton Landon Translation Award, as well as the first edition of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti’s posthumous novel, co-translated with Paolo Valesio. In 2019, he coedited, with Franco D’Intino, a special issue on the Italian romantic poet Giacomo Leopardi, Eco-Leopardi. In 2014, Ceccagnoli was a finalist for the American Literary Translators Association’s annual award for his work co-translating the poetry of Milo de Angelis. He later went on to translate five books by the Canadian poet Anne Carson

The managing editor of Italian Poetry Review, Ceccagnoli is an associate professor of Italian at the University of Kansas.