Translation from Historiae by Antonella Anedda

A Sardinian proverb says
that the devil is not interested in bones
perhaps because skeletons offer a great peace,
composed in display cases or desert landscapes.
I love their smile made only with their teeth, their skulls, 
the perfection of the eye sockets, the missing noses, 
the void around their sex,
and finally the hair, these frills, flown into nothingness.

It is not a macabre taste, 
but anatomy's glabrous realism
praise for accuracy and brightness.
To think of ourselves as skinless makes us good.
Perhaps there is no better road to paradise
than to revert into stones, to know ourselves as heartless.

From Historiae by Antonella Anedda. First published in English by New York Review Books. Translation Copyright © 2023 by Susan Stewart and Patrizio Ceccagnoli.