Claire Wahmanholm

Claire Wahmanholm is the author of Redmouth (Tinderbox Editions, 2019). In 2020, her poem “O” was the third-place winner of the inaugural Treehouse Climate Action Poem Prize. Of her poem, judges Julia Alvarez and Bill McKibben wrote:

“O” is an original and powerful evocation, using a single letter of the alphabet to name the wonders that are at risk of being no more. The poem conjures up each loss, barely giving us time to recover before the next loss is summoned. Its skillful use of rhythm, the lamentation of sounds, the cornucopia of imagery are a sweeping reminder of how much we stand to lose, a primer of what’s to come. The voice is prophetic and unrelenting: a lament, an elegy, and a clarion call to action!

Wahmanholm lives and teaches in the Twin Cities.