When I Was a Glacier

That Bruegel painting
of hunters returning
in winter, the filmmakers
go nuts for it. A sad rabbit
on a stick & more. It’s like
really in there, tonally—
a male, disappointed
group trudge towards
a more lighthearted
communal flurry, women
and children full of fire
upholding weird roofs
doing the real work.

A moment ago I moved
something (not particularly
large) to the other side
of the table and felt
so old and immense
and in control. Like a truck
crunching on its path.
I project white onto the
floorboards. And isn’t
this music from that ballet
that always makes us?
from a folktale-pink shock

of pure quartz through the wall.
Give me one irregular mark
for my thigh to pit the year
against. 16th century sound
gets all over the daybed
and you relocate your teeth
to the opposite nipple.
My thought in that moment
it’s a brutal cave.
Brightest bird, tailfeather,
increasing gray line, fail me
my distant mountain.


it uncloaks
from itself—
its own ghost-
ly paper. A leg
of mostly air
remains in air.
The hollowed
onionskin bulbs
where eyes once lay
look out on the field.
The din of it.
A new body
is painful. Exposed,
it must retreat
what was once inside
further inside.
Globe perched
on translucent needles,
the articulated twin
chooses tomb or home.
It violates a form.
Bud like a fist.
Like a thought
about to give
out. There is a pink
so clear and pale
a rose can’t
call it kin.
A dwelling clutches
close to itself—
Its what?
Its brief solitude
before welcoming
the traveler
to crawl
its repeating galleries
to wait in holy center. 
It drags 
the outside there.

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The Wall Hanging I Never Noticed

I never noticed before
How the red flowers hang from the blue branches
I never noticed before the light in this room
I never noticed the way the air is cool again
I never noticed anything but you
But you but you
So that I couldn’t sleep
I never noticed what was anything but you
Until I noticed you
And could not help it
Until I noticed you I could not help it
Until you made the red flowers alive again
Until the blue branches
The lemons you loved, but also the way you loved me, too
Until all of this I never noticed you
But once I did
I never minded noticing
I never stopped noticing
Until I noticed you
I never stopped noticing
Until you, I never stopped