Things Come On: An Amneoir [my mother lives under the ground]

My mother lives under the ground
so I am drawn to that country

still air cools      water trickles black
roots tower     down   in her house

up here a sky    never whole
buoys around    light of the moon 

        I could spend half a year
down where she always lives


respiration of sky
moisture of sheets: 
dying 		not so private
as everyone supposed she
says to me 

the most poletical subject – 
don't lie –    how come – 
click	 cut     paste  precise
poet 	surgeon              son


physical death no metaphor
to transport you over or down river 

physical fear of intellectual fear
mother		not 
all the things      ings happening    
at once would be an


an afterword		an Over & Out.

		The Republic will survive	mutation
	[they "didn't get all of it out"]
The Dead will dead
    				     they may be

grown up

From Things Come On: An Amneoir, published by Wesleyan University Press. Copyright © 2011 by Joseph Harrington. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.