Song [Thy face I have seen as one seeth]

Thy face I have seen as one seeth
    A face in a dream, 
Soft drifting before me as drifteth
    A leaf on the stream: 
A face such as evermore fleeth
    From following feet, 
A face such as hideth and shifteth
   Evasive and sweet. 

Thy voice I have heard as one heareth
       Afar and apart, 
The wood-thrush that rapturous poureth
    The song of his heart; 
Who heedeth is blest, but who neareth
    In wary pursuit, 
May see where the singer upsoareth, 
       The forest is mute. 

From The Poems of Sophie Jewett (Thomas Y. Crowell & Co., 1910) by Sophie Jewett. Copyright © Thomas Y. Crowell & Co. This poem is in the public domain.