Across the Fields

Across the fields, the happy fields that lay
      Unfaded yet, one visionary day
  We walked together, and the world was sweet.
   Each heard the whisper neither might repeat,
Love's whisper underneath our light word-play.

When fields were brown, when skies hung close and gray,
Alone I walked the dear familiar way,
   With eager heart, with hurrying love-led feet,
                   Across the fields.

O life that hath so bitter words to say!
O heart so sore impatient of delay!
   O wistful hands that reach and may not meet!
   O eyes that yearn for answering eyes to greet!
The summer comes. It wins me not to stray
                  Across the fields.

From The Poems of Sophie Jewett (Thomas Y. Crowell & Co., 1910) by Sophie Jewett. Copyright © Thomas Y. Crowell & Co. This poem is in the public domain.