The Silver Music

In Chepstow stands a castle;
My love and I went there;
The foxgloves on the wall all heard
Her footsteps on the stair.

The sun was high in heaven,
And the perfume on the air
Came from purple cat’s valerian…
But her footsteps on the stair
Made a sound like silver music
Thro’ the perfume in the air.

Oh I’m weary for the castle,
And I’m weary for the Wye,
And the flowered walls are purple
And the purple walls are high.
And above the cat’s valerian
The foxgloves brush the sky.
But I must plod along the road
That leads to Germany.

And another soldier fellow
Shall come courting of my dear
And it’s I shall not be with her
With my lips beside her ear.
For it’s he shall walk beside her
In the perfume of the air
To the silver silver music
Of her footstep on the stair.

This poem is in the public domain.