Ride W Favor

No tears No tips No meters No nips [well 
mayb] No Lyft No Uber No 1-8 
hundo But he do wanna kno How yu

            been? Where’d yu go? & yu kno yu best talk

harder 2 pin his desire Even 
tho we didn’t start the fire yu wait 
4 the punchlite The lines of blinker

            Yu ask of Mom & Dad & late nite D

sires—dimes o’ lite Till so close yu must 
b Southwest Delta American Air 
lines Here here is gud don’t worry So he

            pop the hood & yu roll in Left ‘em full

gud on the queerer questions of queer kin 
-ship What danger cost 2 much    patron saint 
of patrón? Pain 2 paper alchemy?

            Skycap’n of the pitiful sellin’ out

damn spot!? My politic ain’t got a pot 
dealer 2 piss off I’m peppery—I’m 
emphatic as an amphetamine Can’t

            cut myself out of me in2 the blank

holes of nite The whole pre-fires The whole 
—Okay okay I started the firelol 
boring in2 the air via port Bony-ass

            horizon I’m drug poor I pay my way

Copyright © 2018 by Kamden Hilliard. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on August 20, 2018, by the Academy of American Poets.