A FRAGMENT

              If I am poor,
It is that I am proud;
If God has made me naked and a boor,
⁠He did not think it fit his work to shroud.

The poor man comes direct from heaven to earth,

   As stars drop down the sky, and tropic beams;
The rich receives in our gross air his birth,
    As from low suns are slanted golden gleams.

Yon sun is naked, bare of satellite,
   Unless our earth and moon that office hold;
Though his perpetual day feareth no night,
   And his perennial summer dreads no cold.

Mankind may delve, but cannot my wealth spend;
If I no partial wealth appropriate,
No armèd ships unto the Indies send,

   None robs me of my Orient estate.

From Poems of Nature (The Bodley Head, 1895) by Henry David Thoreau. Copyright © 1895 by Henry David Thoreau. This poem is in the public domain. This poem is in the public domain.