No Sun Today

No sun today
. Rain seems not
tears, but retribution
. All of us are victims
, none of us are pure
; none of us are safe
. Things are bad, and we
will not be comforted
. We’d rather re-watch
the tragedy, re-tell our
horrors, spew
about revenge
. We don’t want comfort
yet – we want vindication
, acknowledgement
, the nodding of heads saying
yes, this happened, and
it     is    horrible. No
comfort, not yet – we want
the mirror of our blood
and fear and agony on
another face. We have
forgotten comfort, how
and where to look for it

From All the Rage (Nightboat Books, 2021) by Rosamond S. King. Copyright © 2021 by Rosamond S. King. Used with the permission of the author.