The Mariner

'Wreck and stray and castaway."—Swinburne.

      Once more adrift.
O'er dappling sea and broad lagoon,
O'er frowning cliff and yellow dune,
The long, warm lights of afternoon
      Like jewel dustings sift.

      Once more awake.
I dreamed an hour of port and quay,
Of anchorage not meant for me;
The sea, the sea, the hungry sea
      Came rolling up the break.

      Once more afloat.
The billows on my moorings press't
They drove me from my moment's rest,
And now a portless sea I breast,
      And shelterless my boat.

      Once more away.
The harbor lights are growing dim,
The shore is but a purple rim,
The sea outstretches grey and grim.
      Away, away, away!

      Once more at sea,
The old, old sea I used to sail,
The battling tide, the blowing gale,
The waves with ceaseless under-wail
      The life that used to be

From Flint and Feather: The Complete Poems of E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake) (The Musson Book Co., Limited, 1917) by Emily Pauline Johnson. This poem is in the public domain.