Libros de Arena

So I open a book
A row of camels marches out,
The Sahara such infinite sand
Like the sky on land,
Where waves of dunes design motion,
Camel wants me jump upon its back,
Go riding gallop the letters of its words,
Who together compose music
Based upon an air that frames arithmetic,
Images from where they were
Prior to focus, just move through special
Terrain of pebbles in perpetuity, a date palm
Leans in the nowhere path of a lizard
Snake skin sunshine, eats a scorpion, 
Of everyday fathom air
Endure light pierce,
What dance of golden sand breasts, nothing
Seeing such oblivion, elapsed glances
Invisible book appears,
Which never occurs in a trillion years?
When a moment surprises itself and
Becomes the view light unaware,
Nothing forecast,
To close the book
Return to the silence
Of the sand heaven
Which rains from my fingers?
In the dry of motion. Sound.
So much space, 
Where is she,


From Guayacán (Ishmael Reed Publishing Company, 2023) by Victor Hernández Cruz. Copyright © 2023 by Victor Hernández Cruz. Used with the permission of the author.