From “La consegna delle braci”

Translation excerpt of Giorgiomaria Cornelio’s La consegna delle braci
[The Distribution of the Embers]
 (Luca Sossella Editore, 2021)
                                                        for Dylan Thomas
                                                        (in three acts)

No                                           (!)

The evidence               cannot
                                              be bent.

The destroyer              of temples
the igniting formula                  and the
inaugural foundation
                                  of the flood
to prune                    the lassitude
from the white shroud
of mutation.


2. But the famine
                       will not fall forever:

            who will reconstruct the etymon of hunger?

Nevermore ever                in what’s ahead,
when we will have ceased
                                  even the waiting,
the settling in of the out-of-tune
will thaw the larval signs,         the nets,
the arachnoid,             the syllables in disuse;

maybe even              forcing the blood
into forgetfulness,                   almost as if
to de-educate the habitual writing,

certainly enough to siphon
into the body the rotating          contraption
                        of a second baptism.

3. Heaven and cavern.               But
if the ingredients are barely perceived
by the scale, how         will
our animal, within itself, fulfill
the togetherness, once
they’ve both been cut, the letters
and the vast event that
propagated their sequel?

Copyright © 2023 Moira Egan. Reprinted with the permission of the poet.