An Index

With scissors & Samson, see. With columns,
see, see also. With gunpowder, my liege.

With rusted nail heads, see. With ball bearings,
see. With broken razors & razor wire, page. 

With darts, seized. & screws, see. & with shrapnel.
With pipe casings, seamed. C-4. See rage.

On foot, page. By explosive belt, see. Satchel
charge, see. & also see. By car & by cage. 

By submarine, sea. In the flesh, see. By mule,
page. By baby carriage. By bicycle, see. By plane.

With shard & with shell. Innovations
of projectile. Asymmetrical, viz. edged.

For disambiguation, see Mother of Satan.
Cf. skin to kin.

Copyright © 2018 Philip Metres. “An Index” originally appeared in Beloit Poetry Review. Used with permission of the author.