Dyer Died In Silence

She went from a shutter to silence

Eyes glazed over with the void of stillness.

As if illness suffocated the sight right out of her sockets.

A pocket of air emptied out of her wrinkled throat

One last hallowed gasp before she passed

and the cloak of death covered over her frigid soul.

Sheol opened its’ gluttonous grasp to swallow her whole.

Boney hands reaching around the rope noose

that choked her esophagus and

asphyxiated her malevolent being.

She felt the slow collapse of her lungs.

Life was expunged from her sturdy tyrannical body.

She swayed oddly in the gallows like a broken wind chime.

She wavered awkwardly like a kite string entangled amongst tree twigs.

She died with her heart darkened scorched by wickedness.

Her soul was as pitch, as the bottomless abyss.

Fittingly, Amelia Dyer died, in the same manner in which she had

murderously slain hundreds of innocent infants,

stricken with unfortunate circumstances.

She died unwillingly, yielding only to the restriction of air.

She died suspended in midair.

Even in her death, no one is truly aware of how many children she

carelessly killed for profit and gain.

Only the Thames River will stream confessions of her infamous name.

Its’ waters quivering from the deserted bodies she buried there,

Countless babies forever enslaved in this liquid grave.

Many going unclaimed and some were never recovered.

Their grief stricken mothers went howling, like La Llorona, to the grave

tortured with uncertainty. Amelia took no pity.

Legions of greedy spawns feasted through her intentions.

Amelia killed as many as six children in one day.

Her stern thin lipped scowl will haunt the annals of history.

No darkness can hold a candle to her flame of vile infamy.

Cruelty was personified through her sick twisted mind. She filled 5 books

with her confessions line for line. ‘Baby farming’ and murders were her

crimes. She died on June 10, 1896,

Hanging from the scaffold, she shuttered into silence.

From Sycorax's Daughters (Cedar Grove Publishing, 2017) by Andrea Sanderson. Copyright © 2017 by Andrea Sanderson. Used with the permission of the author.