When we sought God, when we asked Him to come, 
when we opened the door and allowed Him in, when we 
washed our masks, when we humbled ourselves, 
destroying the walls we had created–to keep us from 
loving, hoping, aching and breaking. When we
showed Him the truest parts of ourselves, He began to feel 
comfortable in the rooms we had on lock. He began to 
clean them up–taking out the dirt that covered us with
shame. He arranged our broken vases and reframed our 
self-portrays. He began to own our homes, we began to 
feel clean, we began to feel pure. Once we allowed Him in, 
we began to heal. 


Reprinted from A Pathway Through Survival (2021). Copyright © 2021 by Margaret O. Daramola. Used with permission of the author. All rights reserved.