I am
14 years of age, only ⅕ of the average female lifespan,
and I’m tired, exhausted, to the point where my eyes are barely open.
when they do close
If they do
I will let it go
let go
like most of the country
I’m tired
of people with badges taking others lives
I’m tired of the Law backing them up
I’m tired of the National Guard using guns to solve every “problem”
I’m tired of never getting justice
for killing the innocent
Open your eyes. Wake up. This could happen, will continue to happen, unless we put a stop to it.
Let those four
who were shot
at Kent State
finally achieve justice
by not letting this happen again
The Law needs justice too.


Winner of Wick Poetry Center's 2020 Peace Poem contest. © Rachael Lang. Published by the Academy of American Poets on January 28, 2020.