A Bedtime Story For Mr. Lamb

What story would you like to hear, Mr. Lamb?
Are you a real lamb?
Would you like to hear of Webbers?
Or Whales?

Here is the Story of Alice:

            The Queen wants to have a baby,
            That's why she's kissing her hand.
          The Mad Habit is pouring specklish tea.

        Finally, the Mad Habit and the Queen go to sleep,
              But she's not looking at him.
               He's just pouring the milk.

Goodnight, Mr. Lamb,
Have a nice dream.
Sleep like a lamb.

Don't rough scream
Scream smooth.

Text & drawings copyright © 2003 by Arthur Nevis. Poem is an excerpt from Wonderland, Don't Scare Me by Arthur Nevis, published by Ladan Reserve Press. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.