Another Island Groupage

the bunks in the bogus square
twittered with skeletal birds
we ate the Spear People syrup pear
and listened for “twin” words

the past has gotten blurrier
insecticides ate up the sampler
Ganymede and his worrier
open onto ( as if catapulted) an ampler

vista: gismo, curtain, gismo:
( gismo ) pronouncing weedier “rothier”
( cudain ) Alabama notions like Quiz Mo’
( gismo) the three mirrors of the clothier

and now angelic cranes must swing the maidens
into retentive and shadowy valley hugs
The Britishers in the Spade Inns
will take tea gingerly, muffling the “ugs”

manifested behind the curtain
after wither discussions (swans and swans )
they let the vigorous dirt in
the bonbons and herbs and second bonbons

bleary-mouthed they gulp the water
( girls in their mouths ) nectar
and buy the partitions of the park daughter
metalling them to protect her

when tantrums are sung to motherly saints
( re the policy of the rain police)
a black rock avalanche repaints
the persiflage of the victim’s Greece