American Household

Here I’m untethered, or else this American household is.
A shame for guest and resident alike, torn asunder,

Immovable, unmoving, horizon line before it closes
On the embankment, which is too a slowing thunder.

Whether cash & cake were meant for us the undeserving
Is a frenzy of thought, an amusement from the spoils

Of corporation able to outweigh the will unnerving
All restraint from the madness or immodesty that coils

Each milligram back into the sky blue oxy addiction
McKesson, Cardinal Health & AmerisourceBergen

Manufactured for the painless end-to-end encryption’s
Other plum for which we are to wait again our turn in

Line and still the others keep cutting ahead of us here
The complected & other-tongued asylum-seeking

Assembly of the glad in ordinary deliverance from fear:
First fuel in the plot that turns us into tyrants unspeaking

Yet another dream to make them do what in wakeful hour
Is lawless for us depraved and still deprived of power

From Why the Assembly Disbanded by Roberto Tejada. Copyright © 2022 by Fordham University Press. Used with the permission of the publisher.