The Abolition of Reality [Georges Seurat]

Georges Seurat
Sunday Afternoon on the Island 
of Grande Jatte (1884-85)

The wonder the sense of lacquered objects
bolted measured tricked out in the clock
generous happy mature penance shadow
that the sun disbanded sews on the leaves
trousers hair parasols and gowns and gloves
anger drowns sighing the groan resounds
against the decorated and blank wall against the scale
unraveled dry whirlpool enameled Gongorism
congenital with thirst with gloomy astonishment
or wonder or the sense of lacquered objects.

Alamogordo 1945

in my father's tomb the gods have been buried for millennia
in Crete Mycenae Mexico or Babylon
and your task, young ephebe, is radically changed
we're not talking about singing in chorus by the light of the moon
nor pretending to the warmth of a bonfire shepherding a metallic herd
we're talking about carefully observing and staying ready
because from one moment to the next our father's tomb will break open
and one shadow will move over the earth with the force of the lord
who first made it possible
who will destroy it in an embrace

the wound inflicted on the earth slowly heals
the outraged generation dallies by the shores of Guadalcanal
drinking vodka in Leningrad and whiskey in Piazzale Michelangelo
playing jazz on the West Coast
all this is very important
all this must be remembered

A.S. from Diaries (London, British Museum)
for days I was in the dark
one night I suddenly opened the window over the piazza:
the sun was rising
and humans? they prayed stretched out under delicate automobiles
while sewer grates sucked down the already blind children
ah said the imploring enemies
the angels grappling fire ladders dismantled the clocks on gothic spires
telling the vengeance of time upon human hours
the escape hatches were all already shut
history lay in my bed with legs wide open
although I was innocent like the rest

in the desert temple laboratory
restless children prepare the definitive version
tempted the last time by the fruit of knowledge
in your womb they deposit the ovum to be fertilized
the altar of sacred embrace is the metallic tower
of the disinfected cavity introduced into your body
what can a poet do but cultivate warts on his face
you will see the air taste the fire touch the light
mother earth created from our ambiguous love

and repeating the creation myth
throwing men over one's shoulder so that they become stones
the priest implores the divine seed (energy)
(sun) semen encephalon of every living form
time (fire) divine cause (vis viva) amoeba eternal splitting of its nucleus
universes burned and recreated—manifold in the unity of repetition (actus)
(energy) matter assumed into the city of god
constant polium of every protoplasm
lord of the negative and the positive of the numerator and the denominator of the part and the whole
(ovum) a click will be enough to proliferate
(semen) fertilization (fission) in your body you will conceive
(the nuclei will have a total mass inferior to its origin)
fission fertilization human hands reproduce god (the ovum splits)
air fire light (sun that they adore)

he fixes the season lets his voice loose among the clouds makes lightening shine over the earth
your and our destiny mother earth
here is the orgasm of Shamash the victory of time
when the universe's love will explode
and the son of the sun will set his chained roots on the tower of Babylon
when your belly will be rent by divine coitus
and the trees will crack under the solar rain
umén, uménaion, umén or uménai or
all his strength in you
and eros and thanatos the right and the left eye of his eternity
confused in his one flashing glance

although your name may only be written backwards 
immanent not transitive cause
wearily we gave ourselves to reconstruction
so that violence would find new matter to feed upon
a thousand times we destroyed stone with fire and with stone suffocated fire
but now the eternal river uproots the dam of history
spreads across the plain bringing you nothingness
you who forced the first being to divide in order to renew the species
while in him you sank softly like a stone in the mud
and readied the inexorable fulfillment of the most unjust justice
I have begotten in vain
because the umbilical chord is the way taken by this your scorching parasite to infect the son after the mother
they hang themselves from dead trunks who with a kiss betray the human race
I seated in the midst of an overflowing river
are those my brothers, down there, those I see evacuating?
I count the corpses that follow the current down to the sea
I ask myself what orchards will they fertilize
because this is the demonstrable necessity
lighting a dead man's breath to light your way
as for the cow trying out-of-breath to climb back up the steep bank slippery with muck
I have known the bovine god from since he visited the sacred prostitutes, over in Thebes
I am that mummy in the Louvre (radioactive)
it would vain to sprinkle grain in my eye-sockets
or to eat of my flesh—touched by god
next to me the serpent's sawdust awakens
and the undeciphered inscription found in Assyrian halls speaks
as the two-headed fetus floats knocking against the crystal vase vibrating in alcohol

The Composition of the Text

an adjective breathing the window open
the insertion's exact dimension in the rustling of pages
or see maybe how the text uses the body
see how the work is cosmic and biological and logical
in nocturnal voices in auroral explosions
in the croaking scratching scraping setting fire
here under the soft sky sticking all over the fingers
words that speak

he turns to the night cries out to it from the window
to slow down or existence is the circle is the space
is rhythmic swinging harpoon that brushes the lips
bronze gestures darkroom a stain left by the water
framed frozen hypocritical face dust hypnosis
see but how negation modifies the text
with possible words with impossible words

but the text is a living object furnished with keys
the crude resection its effect the incredible osmosis
this is the moment you wait for start cutting
see how it stretches and swells it's ready to burst
it's the young anaconda biting its own tail dragging 
odor of marshes odor coined from the breath of swamps
a book a notebook a pen a painless desire
without words

tired now he becomes aware of his own purposes
it's not difficult to try various tests various experiments
improbable preparations for a voyage by now certain
you too let yourself become sterile don't throw open the door
untreatable eczema the stamped meat the ruins the slaughterhouse
in the text everything accumulates everything melts into vapor
remember it's late remember it's time to go to say goodbye
with a few careful innocuous words

after the first beats the material becomes insensible
or sensible uncertain private risky privileged declension
in terms of organic functions or malfunctions
or in terms of chipped awkward monodical alternatives
see at this point how the text begins to miss the beat
the refusal is to b lame you begin with the same refusal as before
but you will accept whatever other duty entrusted to you
that has no need of words

it's incoherent it's undetermined his sickness has no purpose
now that we are in the text the fixtures appear to subside
a noun is an excess of coughing the beginning of hysteria
the vulgar embellishment the shears dripping with blood
without falcons without promises without hunting horns without catharsis
the woods are full of fragile docile stupid victims
the woods are full of love and how it hates love 
this word

before long in the text the final part will have begun
catalog of mannerisms and of rapes song and narcoses
marking on the calendar with a pencil the delivery date
a verb is the parasite the narcissus the rage beneath the skin
but see how the machine masticates and bubbles and heats up
the music rises the hand corrects the lights go down low
the head even lower open your arms wide don't shut your eyes
cancel that word


		for Julien & Giulia


this extreme dissolution systematically carried
to the limts of violence and up to the land of fire
up to the stagnant agitation in the rendering of rhythm
to the catastrophes of organisms in casual circumstances
inside the phagocytic cities in bodies encrusted with salt
under a bruised moon rolling across the pool table


with some enthusiasm but already flexible enough to confirm
everything to confirm her who loves insistently
that vegetates ramified in the pneumatic void of her story
the tactile prognosis the exceptional stupefying clarity
the domestic plague the fever expanding in the universe
with some enthusiasm but always flexible enough to confirm
everything to confirm her who loves insistently


every single word is now a tempest of gestures
a reflex of her rebellions or the pleasing shadows 
of the tree that put in motion frees itself of beetles
the tough web-footed the woody stimulus excited in the instruments
to open to emphasize in certain moments of the day
at the backs of animals hunted in the exploded spectacle
of hunted animals that slip into the material


a reflex of her rebellion the pleasing shadow 
that vegetates ramified in the pneumatic void of her story
the stagnant agitation in the rendering of rhythm
that vegetates in the pneumatic void of her story
with some enthusiasm but always flexible enough to confirm
with the tough web-footed the woody stimulus excites in the instruments


digital memories still lacking in the composition
the marine assumption the partial gardens the liquid impulses
the catastrophes of organisms suspended in the universe
the castrated horses that waste time in deep caverns
under a bruised moon that rolls across the pool table
at the backs of animals hunted in the exploded spectacle
of hunted animals that slip into the material


every single word has been a tempest of gestures
the tree put in motion has stripped itself of leaves
the leaf put in motion has stripped itself of fingers
the finger put in motion has stripped itself of horses
the horse put in motion has stripped itself of fingernails
ah the tactile prognosis ah the domestic plague
with some enthusiasm but everything variable enough to confirm
everything to confirm her who loves insistently