Leading up to this year's National Poetry Month, we're showcasing some of the innovative projects produced by the O, Miami Poetry Festival, which takes place each April and aims to reach every single person in Miami-Dade County with a poem. In this week's feature film, O, Miami commissioned artist Stephen Powers to "paint a love letter," as he puts it, on the side of the historic Betsy-South Beach Hotel, which provides a weeklong residency to the winner of our annual James Laughlin Award. Powers used the people and culture of Miami Beach and the work of festival poets such as Campbell McGrath and Major Jackson as inspiration for a wall of text-and-image that brightened up a pedestrian thoroughfare between Collins and Ocean avenues.

Directed by P. Scott Cunningham
Videography by Jorge Gonzalez Graupera & Gesi Schilling
Edited by P. Scott Cunningham & Gesi Schilling
Titles by Topos Graphics