Dear Linda Gregerson,

My name is Peri and I am a seventh grader. We have just finished our school poetry slam. I really enjoyed your poem. My favorite line was “Ash in the air all the way to town.” I liked this line because it really gives you an idea of what happened in the end. I also liked how your poem told a story.

When you write poems is there a specific topic that you usually follow or do you just write what comes to your mind? When we wrote our poems for the poetry slam our specific topic that we had to follow was the words that we talk about in our morning meeting time.

When you write a poem how long does it take you to share it with other people, or do you just keep your poem to yourself? Before I heard your poem I thought that when I write a poem I have to go off of experiences in my life or thoughts that I have I never really realized that a poem is more than words that rhyme. Now I know that a poem can be much more than thoughts and experiences. A poem can tell a story.


Grade 7
Anderson, South Carolina

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