Dear Anne Waldman,

My name is Kirstin. I am a freshman, and I read your poem, "Battery." The beginning of your poem reminds me of times when I am hanging out with my friends and one of our favorite songs come on. We break out into random, crazy dancing. It also reminds me a day when I have band, we play our songs and throughout the day, these songs are stuck in our heads not letting go. Your poem makes me realize the disaster that happen around the world, it helps me understand and notice the beauty of mother nature. Battery, allows me to pay close attention to the detail of nature and all thing around me, it has opened my eyes to the beauty of the world that I have never seen before.

In the few lines of your poem,

Love the notes as they pour like water
love the water under your feet & when
you look look with eyes of love
all the layers, the ground under
your feet & under the ground

allows me to see the little details of the music I listen to and the little details I have never seen in nature before. It also gives the message to me that it is okay to have fun, I imagine people dancing in the rain and stomping in puddles. Laughing their hearts out and enjoying the time they have left with their friends and family. I like the way you used many different types of imagery to make the poem realistic and come to life.

I would be grateful to hear back from you. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Grade 9
Cedar Grove, WI

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