Dear Anne Waldman,

After discovering your poem “Battery,” I found myself taking a strong interest in its personal message for me as well as the simplistic beauty of your words. I first discovered your poem in my Creative Writing class and since then I have thoroughly enjoyed reading “Battery” over and over and beginning to analyze it. I particularly took to heart the lines in which you wrote, "be exalted be a charm a fusion be a battery be insistent, be an empire be a symphony." I want to live my life driven with my own determination and happiness. I want to be bigger than my body, bigger than life itself. Be everything I could wish to positively be. 

Especially in the philosophical line, "I would suffer and become extinct again" I realized that there are many things in my life that I would suffer and become extinct again for. I think it was very well worded as you explained such a complex feeling in only a single sentence. 

I enjoy the passion you put into writing and then reading what you write. I hope someday to take as much pleasure in something as you do. I hope one day I, myself, will be able to truly live your words and be a battery. 


Hartland, MI

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