Write Persona Poems as if You’re Red Riding Hood and Know How to Skin A Wolf with Cynthia Manick

In this generative workshop students will take on characters, live in their shoes, and write from his or her perspective. Donning metaphorical masks, they will explore what they don’t know and question the world around them. What are the stars doing when you can’t see them? If you were an animal, a historical figure, or member of the Supremes what would you say? Persona poems encourage writers to stretch their imaginations where they can either follow the character’s original course of action or change it into something new. And in these explorations, what does one discover about the self? Persona poems will also take on the direct address approach where poets will address a character directly. If you wrote a poem to your favorite writer or superhero describing a problem, how would they respond? We will read and discuss poems by Lucille Clifton, Patricia Smith, Carol Ann Duffy, Chris Abani, Amanda Johnston and more.  The Hudson Valley Writers Center is located in the Philipse Manor train station. Cost $124.